De Specht / The Woodpecker
Print run: 8 copies, but all unique
Format book: 17,5 x 42 cm
Format tree trunk: 19 x 8,5 cm
Language: Dutch and Japanese
Font: Bodoni, Rondo and a wooden poster letter
Date of publication: 2017
Cover technique: papier-maché and wrinkled paper
Interior technique: ink and crayon rubbing, stamps on Chinese paper and text in letterpress

The book De Specht is rolled up in a little tree trunk with the hole of a woodpecker. By the flexibility of the Chinese and Nepalese paper this was possible and so the theme and content are coming together in this book object.

De Specht is a collection of rubbings from trunks and the bark of a tree. On the cover the relief of the wood can be felt. These rubbings are bound together with a poem – haiku – by Kobayashi Issa (1763–1827)

Short blows of an axe
In the middle the underwood
Knocking of a woodpecker

The text of the poem and the word SPECHT are printed in the Museum Meermanno in The Hague during my 'Sunday printing days'. Hollow out a real tree trunk wasn’t possible, so this little trunk is made from papier-maché. The bookbinding is done in a Japanese way.