Nature is always the point of departure for my work, and I usually draw the forms quite precisely on the stone itself. Sometimes abstract forms arise as well, containing within them the figurative elements, as is the case when making use of maps, plants, shells and fossils
Both shells and stones have long served to inspire and intrigue me. For me they are a metaphor for the layered process of time – geological strata – growth rings – historical periods.
Sometimes the shells are so worn and petrified that they seem to have become fossils, causing me to fantasize about the world’s seas in which they have been washed to and fro for millennia. Perhaps that is also why I feel such a powerful bond with the technique of lithography: the limestone on which I draw (itself, in fact, the sediment of countless shells) and from which I make my prints originates from layers millions of years old; there is something earthy about working with them.

A series of lithos regularly prompts me to make an “artist’s book”: artisanal publications with original prints from stone and hand-set texts in a limited edition.
The act of binding and the design and production of the cover are an integral part of the whole, and always have a link with the theme expressed in the book’s contents: in the "13 SURIMONO" series, for example, I chose for a portfolio that can be closed with a shell-shaped clasp.
What’s more, it is wonderful to hold the prints in your hands – to feel the paper, the ink and indentation of the letter. Looking at a book is a totally different experience from looking at a framed print on a wall.

My last works are rubbings of trees: the slice of a tree, where you can see the annual rings as well as the bark of a tree. These rubbings are made in crayon and ink. Underneath the rubbings Japanese characters are printed of "nature cycle", "growth", "tree centre", "chain saw" and "course of life".
In these techniques the books "the AX" and "De SPECHT" are made.

All works have an atmosphere of stillness and harmony.
You are, of course, welcome to come to my studio to see my work, and to attend my expositions; for more information, see the events page.